How to set up Brutal Doom with GZDoom on Void Linux 2021-04-15 on Kenneth Dodrill's blog

DOOM is one of my favorite games of all time. Brutal Doom is a mod for DOOM that kicks up the intensity with a LOT more violence.


Setting everything up

Inside of the game folder you will see DOOM.WAD. Copy this into ~/.config/gzdoom/ (if the gzdoom folder does not exist, create it). Now you can run the game when you launch gzdoom.

Extract Brutal Doom from when you downloaded it earlier. Copy the .pk3 file into ~/.config/gzdoom/.

Now edit (launch gzdoom if it doesn't exist) ~/.config/gzdoom.ini. Under the line [] add Path=$HOME/.config/gzdoom/[FILENAME].pk3. This will load brutal doom by default.

My Brutal Doom settings

My texture options are below. Texture Options

Bonus: Adding Doom Metal

Doom Metal is a soundtrack mod that replaces most of the music with, well, metal versions.

Personally I prefer this repack that resamples all tracks to 44.1 kHz.

Just like before, extract it and copy the .wad file to ~/.config/gzdoom/. Edit ~/.config/gzdoom.ini and add Path=$HOME/.config/gzdoom/[FILENAME].wad underneath the path to Brutal Doom.