The sun has set December 18, 2022 on Kenneth Dodrill's blog

I mostly write about things that are interesting to me, but my interests lately have grown outside of things I would want to share on the internet. For the past few years I have taken the time to remove myself from the internet. I think it has done wonders for me, and there’s no way I would return. For the past year, I have done some critical thinking about different corners of the internet and how different things are now from when I was a kid. I take comfort in simple software, but I have largely transitioned away from using software for a task and am actively incorporating physical things into my life. If there is something I need to do, I think about what people would have done before the internet and I do that instead.

I actually took this blog down for several months. The reason for that is because I think there are too many opinions on the internet. My post (that co-releases with this) about YouTube goes into this a little, but basically I am tired of reading about someone else’s opinion. I will do my own research about anything, thank you very much. If I am interested in something I will learn about it. My blog contains a lot of my opinions, and they matter to me. But they probably don’t matter to you, and I don’t wish to make you take my opinions as hard facts. Do your own research.

I don’t plan on writing any more blog posts, but you may see some new prose from time to time. Maybe.